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is an alternative rock band from Toronto, Canada that has made its name from seemingly impossible circumstances. Jordo Arnott (vocals), Petr Balaz (Guitar), Ben Müller (bass), and Bradley Connor (drums) didn’t go to school together, didn’t share any friend groups, and didn’t live near one another at any point before finding each other through online advertisements for musicians and chance encounters in music stores. Now fronted by a band name that reflects their random origin, Running Violet have beaten the odds as they begin to stake their claim in the Ontario music scene.

Driven by the raw passion and need to create an energy that can't be ignored, Running Violet has spent the last few years perfecting their sound and accurately conveys their goal and musical direction with ‘Canvas’; their new 2018 debut EP.

Produced by the legendary Jon Drew (Arkells, Tokyo Police Club), ‘Canvas’ paints the picture of adventure, love, loss, and soul searching from the perspective of youth living in the modern city. Written from actual experiences while using a combination of poetic imagery and large instrumentation, the stories told in this EP are as enticing as they are relatable.

Their sound comes from a collection of influences dating from the soulful Rock & Roll of the early 20th century to modern day alternative music and can be subtly heard in the powerful guitar licks, complimenting basslines, creative drum fills, and animated vocals.

From exuberant parties to large venues, Running Violet has proven their ability to bring energy and interest to their audiences as one of Toronto’s best new live bands.


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